Malawakang ‘reshuffle’, ikinasa ni PNP Chief Dela Rosa


by Gilbert Perdez

IKINASA na ni PNP Chief Dir. Gen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa ang malawakang reshuffle sa hanay ng pambansang pulisya.

Ang pagkakatalaga sa mga bagong opisyal ng PNP ay epektibo ngayong araw, Hulyo 1.

Ang mga bagong luklok na PNP officials ay ang mga sumusunod:

· PDDG Francisco A Uyami – The Acting Deputy Chief for Administration;
· PDir Benjamin B Magalong – Officer-in-Charge, The Deputy Chief for Operations;
· PCSupt Ramon C Apolinario – Officer-in-Charge, The Chief for Directorial Staff;
· PCSupt Fernando H Mendez Jr. – The Acting Director, Directorate for Personnel and Records Management;
· PCSupt Nestor F Quinsay – Officer-in-Charge, Directorate for Intelligence;
· PCSupt Camilo Pancratius P Cascolan – The Acting Director, Directorate for Operations;
· PCSupt Maria Victor DF Ramos – The Acting Director, Directorate for Logistics;
· PCSupt Archie Francisco F Gamboa – The Acting Director, Directorate for Comptrollership;
· PCSupt Augusto M Marquez Jr. – The Acting Director, Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management;
· PDir Victor P Deona – The Acting Director, DIPO-Northern Luzon;
· PDir Moro Virgilio M Lazo – The Acting Director, DIPO-Visayas;
· PSSupt Dionardo B Carlos – Spokesperson/Officer-in-Charge, Chief PIO;
· PCSupt Oscar D Albayalde – Acting RD, NCRPO;
· PCSupt Gilbert C Sosa – Acting RD, PRO 2;
· PCSupt Wilben M Mayor – Acting RD, PRO 4B;
· PCSupt Melvin Ramon G Buenafe – Acting RD, PRO 5;
· PCSupt Jose L Gentiles – Acting RD, PRO 6;
· PCSupt Noli G Taliño – Acting RD, PRO 7;
· PCSupt Elmer C Beltejar – Acting RD, PRO 8;
· PCSupt Agripino G Javier – Acting RD, PRO ARMM;
· PCSupt Elmo Francis O Sarona – Acting RD, PRO COR;
· PSSupt Roberto B Fajardo – Acting DD, Northern Police District;
· PSSupt Romulo E Sapitula – Acting DD, Eastern Police District;
· PSSupt Joel Napoleon M Coronel – Acting DD, Manila Police District;
· PSSupt Tomas C Apolinario Jr. – Acting DD, Southern Police District;
· PSSupt Guillermo Lorenzo T Eleazar – Acting DD, Quezon City Police District;
· PCSupt Roel B Obusan – Acting Director, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group;
· PCSupt Federico L Dulay Jr. – Acting Director, Civil Security Group;
· PCSupt Benjamin M Lusad – Acting Director, Special Action Force;
· PSSupt Antonio N Gardiola Jr – Acting Director, Highway Patrol Group;
· PSSupt Ma. O R Aplasca – Acting Director, Aviation Security Group;
· PSSupt Edmund A Gonzales – Acting Director, Maritime Group;
· PSSupt Charlo C Collado – Acting Director, Intelligence Group;
· PSSupt Rene O Aspera – Acting Director, Police Security Protection Group;
· PSSupt Gilbert DC Cruz – Acting Director, Police Community Relations Group;
· PSSupt Manolo N Ozaeta – Officer-in-Charge, Anti-Kidnapping Group;
· PSSupt Albert Ignatius D Ferro – Officer-in-Charge, Anti-Illegal Drugs Group;
· PSSupt Reczon Tito T Acabado – Officer-in-Charge, Anti-Cybercrime Group;
· PCSupt Lyndon G Cubos – Acting Director, Finance Service;
· PCSupt Edwin C Roque – Acting Director, Legal Service; and
· PCSupt Prudencio Tom T Bañas – Acting Director, Police Retirement Benefit Service


About Gilbert Perdez

Thanks a 100000x to all my friends and readers. It means a whole LOT to me that people like my blogs and articles. It still amazes me how supportive you are. Writing is my passion. Journalism has always been a part of my life and I’ve been writing and singing almost since I was a kid. I write stories basically every day and it never gets boring. I’d like to share my stories and the Philippine history with people from all around the world. This is what I want to do with my life. When I’m not writing etc in my spare time, I hang out with my friends or family, lift weights, go to the mall, go out for walks with my spouse and kids, and if I had to write everything down, you would be sitting here for many years. Thank you guys!
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  1. Brucem says:

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    Good for the Change to come in Philippine Law Enforcement Agency

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